Burmese cats for adoption

Waiting for the right kitten from the right breeder will be worth it in the long run. We provide detailed information of when booster burmese cats for adoption are due and when flea and worming treatments are due. I also believe the cat was put through unnecessary distress being transported and rehomed 3 times within matter of days. If you would like to offer this lovely girl a home please contact us on or via email. Thanks to his lovely new owner for seeing all burmese cats for adoption Benjamin has to offer and providing such a wonderful home for him.
Oscar - Age: 24
Price - 159$

Tassie might be a bit of a Temp shock! If any breeders in Brisbane or surrounding regions are breeding similar and have waiting lists for them can you let me know.

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Retiring Cats + other cats in need of a home!

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Burmese Cats for Adoption

Australian Burmese Kittens For Adoption has members. A page to offer Burmese kittens for adoption from registered breeders.. Please write the. Search for burmese cats for adoption using PetCurious's intuitive search filters. Adults For Adoption. These girls have been retired from breeding. They are the ' cream', the best kittens selected for their type and temperment for breeding.
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minnie - Age: 24
Price - 52$

If you are a Suchi Burmese owner and do not have login details please email us to be issued with a username and password Username Password Remember Me Forgot your password? Waiting for the right kitten from the right breeder will be worth it in the long run.

Adults For Adoption

Starkatz Burmese has this gorgeous female kitten available to an indoor only home. She is a little shy with strangers and will need to go to a home that is willing to let her just settle in and let her lead in the contact. Coco has found a lovely home locally and we couldn't be happier for both parties. Born , they will be ready to go after New Years, and they will come vet checked, vaccinated x 2, microchipped, desexed, flea and worm treated, pedigree registration with FCCQ and 6 weeks free pet insurance. She is a retiring breeding cat and is up to date with all her vaccinations. Shantai Kerr 22 November at
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cupcake - Age: 33
Price - 62$

This person has been removed from the group, as registered breeder's we have a code of ethics leaving your cat to bleed for a week and NO vet care is not ethical, back yard breeder's answer to No one and do what they like. Found a lovely home with Gina, a retiree in need of some company. Shantai Kerr 22 November at
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Search for burmese cats for adoption using PetCurious's intuitive search filters. If you are interested in adopting one (or more) of these cats or if you would just like more information please let us know or contact the person. 20 record Cat adoption prices. Kitten (any cat under 6 months) - $ Adult cat (any cat over 6 months) - $ Kitten special breed (e.g. Siamese, Burmese.
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