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His softest chuckle was the most badass metal album ever recorded; his gentlest crap was the most badass POW escape in history. Oh, come on, who even paid for that tombstone? However, the blade sat tight in his chest. He was scheduled to pitch in San Diego in six hours. Meanwhile, after being beaten by what was the worst-armed cosplay convention ever, the The most awesome thing ever tax the most awesome thing ever figured they'd need to find another way to collect. The activists were on a mission to visit POWs so they could tell America the North Vietnamese took good care of prisoners and therefore the war should end? At one point during his captivity, he became cat tree with leaves weak that he suffered a heart seizure.
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Anything could be added to the list.

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Possibly the most awesome thing ever - Archer as a Velociraptor - Imgur

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It's like somebody crossbred a walrus with the spirit of war. Many celebrities "helped" after the terrorist attacks by organizing fundraisers, handing out water and coffee, or recording horrible music that was no less horrible just because it was "for the heroes.

Possibly the most awesome thing ever - Archer as a Velociraptor

The most important battles in the history of the universe are being waged right now. Have your vote counted as mankind determines what, who, where or when.. . This post has the MOST HYPERBOLE EVER! View "The 10 Greatest Yep, no hyperbole here--just the absolute best things from any time. A new site called "The Most Awesomest Thing Ever" pits two random things against one another so you can choose one with a mouse click.
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Instead of throwing his hands up and demanding to see where the candid camera is because no way can the cards be this stacked , Cooper put on his MacGyverin' hat. Johnson's major contribution to society came in while he was screwing around at home working on something silly and trivial, like a new type of heat pump.

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There he found a man in his underwear trying to put out a mattress fire with cups of water while his two children huddled by the open door in fear. In his 22 years on the force, only one ONE person has jumped on Briggs' watch. Heat pumps normally use Freon gas, but Johnson was trying to make one that worked off of water alone. The British soldiers fired, and one managed to hit Sam in the face. It wasn't long before a bunch of bruised, disgruntled commanders decided to have Marcinko railroaded out of the military, if only so they could sleep a full night again without him swinging through their windows like Batman. The man designed the first artificial heart.
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Despite multiple spacewalks, the bar refused to grab hold, so the crew maneuvered to within about a meter of four tons of orbital velocity metal, got outside, and mastered an off-world communications hub with nothing but their opposable thumbs. Sam waited until point-blank range to fire his musket and pistols, bringing three men down and charging the rest of the column with his sword in hand. Whittlemore didn't die until -- at the age of
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Timeline of the Best Things Ever The highest point of evolution. 60 million It was that day that the greatest damn thing to ever meet sliced bread was born. Just visit The Most Awesomest Thing Ever, a website that pits unrelated objects, celebrities and activities against each other and then ranks. This post has the MOST HYPERBOLE EVER! View "The 10 Greatest Yep, no hyperbole here--just the absolute best things from any time.
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    ‘She’s a very good wife,’ the doctor replied. ‘When you left two weeks ago, she was very unhappy. Then we had a telephone call from a man who saw you in a hotel here.’

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    ‘We’re going to St Austell,’ Bill said. ‘Me and Julie. It’s our first holiday. Julie wanted to go to Spain, but I like St Austell. I always go there for my holidays. It’s nice in August. You can have a good time there too.’

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    «I think so too, dear» said Mrs. Smith.

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    Plymouth,’ she said. ‘With the tall dark man. 1 saw them.’ ‘Of course she didn’t!’ Bill said. ‘She’s on this train. She didn’t get off.’

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    Once upon a time there was a stone cutter. The stone cutter lived in a land where a life of privilege meant being powerful. Looking at his life he decided that he was unsatisfied with the way things were and so he set out to become the most powerful thing in the land.

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    ‘Walk where?’ Tom asked.

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    ‘Goodbye, Elwyn Bellford.’

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    One day, I was in the town. I had two days holiday, away from the other soldiers. I wasn’t with friends; I didn’t have any friends. I was very unhappy. I walked slowly past some shops.

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