Why does my cat follow me into the bathroom

I have seen cats do this to women all the time. I call them "pee buddies. Many cats are fascinated by water, no matter how badly they wish to avoid getting any on them. Create a free account in minutes. Keeping the bathroom or toilet door closed at all times is best if you have a cat.
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Why my staff is always shouting at me?

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Why Does My Cat Always Follow Me to the Bathroom? - Reasons Explained

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Why does my cat unravel my toilet paper rolls? We have noticed that he will follow along if he wants to go out and hangout in the garage. Why do cats like to go into the bathroom when people are using it?

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Into the Bathroom?

If you want to read similar articles to Why Does My Cat Always Follow Me to. We all snicker at the images and videos of cats prying the bathroom door open or perching inside pants gathered around the ankles of the wearer when they are. If you know cats, then you probably know that most cats love bathrooms. Does your cat follow you into the bathroom? Perhaps he rubs on your.
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I think she does it just to mess with us. Not sure about food puzzles?

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Why does my cat always follow me into the bathroom? First off, I'm dyin' at "shark week! One of our male cats enjoys drinking the water from the faucet, but he'll come in and hang out regardless. The cabinets can be excellent hiding places and, as cats like to be in high places, the shelves are also alluring. Play Now at forgeofempires. Why is my cat so interested in me when I go to the bathroom? Answered Dec 2,
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Or, they are protecting us. Try for free today. Our domestic cats have the teeth and claws and spirit of predators, but their small size — relative to their big cat cousins — makes them prey as well.
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A lot of cats like to follow their owners from the bed to the bathroom or join them in First, you do intriguing things (according to your cat!) with fun objects in the. We all snicker at the images and videos of cats prying the bathroom door open or perching inside pants gathered around the ankles of the wearer when they are. We asked a cat researcher and wildlife biologist to explain the mystery of why cats follow their owners to the bathroom. “The other I can only assume tries to free me because she, like, flings When I do keep the door open they like to come in and jump in the tub (as My cat, Artemis, atop her throne.
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