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This product worked great! My boy tried to lick outside the Snuggly, which was OK. You can remove the alternative to dog cone stays and fold back the collar to make it easier for dogs to eat, drink and sleep. The Soft Dog Recovery Collar The soft dog recovery collar offers both affordability and comfort, while acting alternative to dog cone a mild deterrent to keep your dog from accessing his injuries or wounds. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. Tell us in the comments below!
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Its effectiveness depends on how determined you dog is to get at the forbidden area. We share information about your use of this site with advertising, analytics and social media partners.

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Dog Cone Alternative:

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The company also has a pompom and sunflower style. Emma Tucker Emma Tucker is a London-based writer and editor, who's been covering all things design-related for the past six years.

Dog Cone Alternative

Most dog owners are familiar with the cone of shame – the dreaded lampshade- shaped piece of plastic that drives dogs to distraction. Here's 7. Getting the proper fit is important, so be sure to measure your dog carefully before buying a “cone of shame” alternative. If the collar is a. Whatever your choice, make sure your cone alternative adequately protects the injury site. And don't forget that even when wearing the cone, dogs need.
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Thick collar perfect for a large breed dog, I like that there is a separate place for dog tags vs where you hook the leash. You can also choose to make a DIY cardboard dog cone collar with materials you already have at home.

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We use cookies to personalise content and ads, and to analyse our traffic. The cuteness factor is off the charts. She couldn't reach her stitches, but could lay down comfortably. ElizaSoft Recovery Collar — A soft, lightweight fabric option, it resists chewing and is flexible. It is comfortable enough for him to sleep in and cracks me up when I see my boy in it. It comes in blue, yellow, pink, puppy print and camouflage. One option is to use a regular neck pillow—the kind you use when traveling.
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However, these days cones are made of other materials that may be more comfortable for your dog. A neck pillow is also a great option. Kim resides in Chicago with her husband and son.
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A dog wearing a “cone of shame” is not a happy dog. He bangs into everything, including the floor, wall and furniture. He can't get to the food or. Most dog owners are familiar with the cone of shame – the dreaded lampshade- shaped piece of plastic that drives dogs to distraction. Here's 7. Collars made of fabric or inflatable material might substitute for the hard-plastic " cone of shame" during your pet's healing.
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