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You got to be kitten me. His neighbor, intrigued, asks him: She was feline fine. What do you get if you cross a cat with a bottle of vinegar? Did you hear about the passenger who had to be escorted off the airplane? How do the Vietnamese like their soup?
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What did the cat say when he lost all his money?

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Why are cats so good at video games? Cats will still be mad at you for leaving in the first place. Cats will make you pay for every mistake you've ever made since the day you were born.

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To make it easier to call your cat's name, choose a cat name or kitten name that is short with 1 or 2 syllables. And if it's a long cat name or kitten name, think. When an American calls a cat, he usually says “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!” and the cat will come if 1. he recognizes the voice, and 2. if he believes. If you were calling a Russian cat you'd say “kis-kis-kis”, in France you'd say “ minou-minou-minou”, in German, “beez-beez-beez”, and in.
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How are tigers like sergeants in the army? Claws it wanted to.

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Cats will have someone take a message and get back to you. None, because they were copycats! Buy 1 Cat get 1 Flea! What do you call a cat in a station wagon? Who are cats going to vote for in November? Cats will make you pay for every mistake you've ever made since the day you were born. It was the chicken's day off!
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Teacher asked, Why is your cat with u in school? A cat at your home?
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On a similar tip, calling your cat after a sports star who's just won your team the title is destined to backfire once the player inevitably transfers to. Hello, When we call our cats we say 'kis-kis-kis'. What do you say when you want your cat to come? Thanks. How to Call a Cat. Contrary to popular belief, it actually is possible to train a cat! One way to train your cat is to teach her to come when you call her. Fortunately.
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